The Team

brendan argent

While I am currently completing my MSc in Climatology at UCT, I take every opportunity to get out into the mountains, rivers and sea around Cape Town. I have been lucky enough to explore the Alps in Switzerland and France, travel Nigera and Namibia and will soon be adding Italy and India to the list. Apart from seeing these amazing places, I love meeting new people when I travel, as every nation has a different way of seeing the world. I am passionate about most sports (particularly waterpolo and surfing), cooking and photography. I have read about the wonders of the Himalayas and have felt their pull. Can't wait to answer their call!

hannes breytenbach

In everything in nature there is something of the marvelous!  From a young age my love for nature has compelled me to exploration.  I enjoy the physical and mental challenges that the various forms of mountaineering offer to those with adventurous hearts.  During my short tenure with the UCT MSC, where I currently serve as equipment room manager, I have been fortunate enough to experience the splendour of the Zimbabwean highlands, and trek across the magnificent Mulanje Massif.  A further passion is that which I hold for the stars, and I am currently completing an MSc in Astrophysics at UCT.

jonathan glover

I am a 3rd year Civil Engineering student and am currently the Hiking Convener at the UCT Mountain and Ski Club. I pretty much spend every week end in the mountains; if I’m not gallivanting in the Hex, I’m climbing on Table Mountain or at a local crag. I love experiencing new mountain ranges and this passion has taken me from Chimanimani in Zimbabwe to the Rwenzoris in Uganda and all the way across to the Simien Mountains of Ethiopia. Each place is unique and has its own special offering. When I’m not in the mountains I enjoy reading, dabbling on the guitar and all travelling that involves train rides.

matthew davey

I lived for six years at the foothills of the Andes in both Argentina and Ecuador, and now find myself climbing up every mountain remotely near Cape Town. I'm always out there, and if I'm not, I'm planning on getting there.  The explorations of my life have taken me to high peaks in Bolivia, through Southern and Eastern Africa, and across South Africa on a mountain bike. I am currently a 3rd year Civil Engineer student, and the Properties Convenor for the UCT MSC.   For me, there really is nothing quite like the feeling of not knowing what might be around the next corner, or on the next continent. India and the towering Himalayas await!

mikhaila levitas

Mountains are my life and I have spent many years enjoying all they have to offer! After serving on the UCT Mountain and Ski Club as Hiking Convener, I now hold the position of Chairlady. I am currently studying Post Grad Law at UCT after having completed my BSc. I have been lucky enough to explore mountains all over the world from the Afro-Alpine conditions of the Rwenzoris to the desolate beauty of the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. When not in the mountains I run a charity called African Accent Project which helps improve porters’ working conditions on Kilimanjaro. I also have a love for travel, locally and abroad.

tim perks
I am complete when I am in the wild. My earliest memories are exploring the deserts of Namibia and the Fish River Canyon as a toddler. Since then I've hiked, run, climbed, dived and explored the mountains and coastlines of our incredible country at length. While studying a Mechatronics undergrad I spent my summer holidays working at ski resorts overseas and developed a love for altitude and snow sports. Trail running is my new game, and I recently completed a 5-Peaks in one day charity event in the Amatole mountains of the Eastern Cape. I am currently furthering my academic career doing a MSc in Biomedical Engineering at UCT.

wiebke toussaint

My heart beats adventure. Give me a rock face and I will climb. Give me a snow slope and I will ski. Give me a river and I will paddle. Six years ago I made a husky farm in Swedish Lapland my second home. Since then the winds have blown me from Malawi to Timbuktu, the South Easter however always blowing strong enough to return me to my home beneath Devil’s Peak. I love the sense of responsibility that comes with being in the mountains, the solitude that they offer and the community you build with your team members. In June I will finish my degree in Mechanical Engineering and be ready to tackle India as head of the MSC Expedition Portfolio.